Does purchasing any theme will provide me full-time license or year by year charges?

I do own a blogging website & I am very much interested in Magzilla theme from Favethemes, but I want to know a thing, do the payment of purchasing this theme is one-time or will have to pay on per year basis?

One off for lifetime of the item, but (while it’s not that common) bear mind that Envato cannot stop the author removing the item asand when they choose.

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Hi @gtgj13

thanks for choosing theme from themeforest. as @charlie4282 said all items in themforest are belong to lifetime (existence in themforest market) license. In addition When you will purchase you can download, get update/upgrade version lifetime for free. Also when you will purchase you will get 6 month free support (according to support policy) from the Author.


Prob worth also adding if you buy from Envato elements and not the main marketplace then there are other restrictions eg no support, updates etc

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Purchasing the license, Envato will provide me the full coding, right?

As I’m not a wordpress lover, I want to continue my website editing with the manual html/css coding basis, can I do that in this theme after the purchase & can I add somethings by myself to this theme?

You can, but just can’t then resell it here or on other marketplaces

Why is it so buddy?

Because that breaches envato licenses.

Items can be converted into other formats or used as part of other items but only with the explicit permission of the original author.

You can buy a template, edit and develop it etc. and sell it as a one-off client project just not as stock

Understood. If I am willing to sell my website to any one I do have to inform Envato for this. If

I get the codes through purchase then I should not have any problems.

If I am playing ads then also the author should not have any kind of problems related to this. Right buddy?

you have already received nice explanation. In addtion I would like to say yes you can edit the theme and can change the theme according to your/your client needs for your/your client website(definitely single website). Just you can’t redistribute or resell your updated theme anywhere in the world because theme copyright is not your. Copyright belongs to theme orginal Author. Each license belongs to a single website/domian.

Just casually asking for information,

If by chance in future I want to sell my site to anybody else, then what would I have to do?

If you are a freelancer then you can transfer the license to your client but please be noted Each license belongs to a single website/domian. You will not be able to use same license for more than 1 domain/website. for more information you can open Help ticket and let them know. They will be very happy to assist you. Thanks

Can this MagZilla theme be supported in WordPress 5.0 version?

according to theme details page answer is no till now. It’s current software version Software Version: WordPress 4.9.x. you can ask the theme Author in Item Comments for getting accurate answer from them as like when they will make it compatible with wordpress 5.

Hey! Can you please share the link to contact the owner of the theme?


Here is that theme author contact form


Thank you. Hope so they reply me soon.

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They didn’t replied to my query. Any idea how to further contact them?

My opinion is wait for their reply max 2day they are said 1days for item support.
Then you can open a Envato help ticket they will help you to getting help from item author.