Questions About Purchasing Themes


I want to make a video hosting website. I have found a good theme for what I want. However, I am a little confused as to what comes with the purchase.

I am used to working with bootstrap, in which I basically get the code in a download folder, edit it myself, and host it myself.

With this, it seems like it’s a wordpress thingy, so I am not sure what will happen when I purchase it. Will I get a big folder download that I can edit myself? Will I have to drag and drop to edit it like wordpress?

If it’s not a download folder, how will I host it?

Also, is this a one time purchase? And what does the 6 months of support do?

EDIT: If I am trying to make this website for business purposes, are any special licenses required? I know there is an extended license (which is used if users can buy something on the site), but what about if I am simpily earning money through ad revenue?

yes all item in envato market is one time purchase.
Envato Market Item Support policy.

if your website is fully free accessable to everyone then regular license is fine.
But If the end users need to pay to see the end product, you need an Extended License. There can be more than one end user as long as there is only one end product.

Example: A website that requires money before you can access the content

For theme functionality query you can ask directly to the theme author as a comments (pre-purchase query) going hrough the theme details page then comments page.