Purchase rights/licenses for agencies


I tried to contact Envato regarding the license or purchase rights for wordpress templates but still waiting for a response… Not sure if I can get some help from here. I’d like to know if it’s possible for an agency from Montreal to purchase a template for their clients?

Is there a way I can call to ask Envato?

No need to ask. You can purchase regular license for the customer. Only one thing that you should know, you cannot use the same theme/template for another customer. In that case, you need to purchase again

Thank you for your reply!

Does this apply for all wordpress templates from theme forest? For some reason someone told me that if an agency wanted to purchase a template from theme forest, it had to be a different license and some can even go up to $3,000.

Is there a section where I can access this information so that I have a confirmation before I present my template research to my client? I just want to be sure of it. Thank you!

As long as you’re not going to resale it somewhere else e.g on your website, you don’t need to purchase “extended license” You can just purchase the normal license on the behalf of your customer

Anybody from any country can buy any theme and sell the completed website to any client for any amount. This can be done with a regular license. The only time you need an extended license (which can be pretty expensive compared to the regular) is if the end users need to pay to access part of the website. Say there’s a pay wall to access certain parts or functionality. End users are people who visit the website, clients aren’t end users.

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Thank you so much! This has been very helpful!