Licensing question

Hi all,

I am trying to understand licenses and FAQ. I read some articles in the forum, but i am still confused (and i am not a native english, so this may be my fault). Sorry in advance if this question had already been asked or answered.

I am considering building a kind of bigger template that would embed one static Envato Themeforest template. Note that I would make some changes inside this Themeforest template. The final product would be an “enhanced” website template that any web-agency or company could later customize (with text, photos & business logic).

Suppose that each time this bigger template is bought, my customer will have to buy one license directly on ThemeForest. Is this violating Envato licenses ? As far as i understand, it is not a resell activity nor a redistribution activity (i know both are not allowed) but more a kind of affiliation program, even if what the customer is buying is your license with a modified version of the Envato template (plus some other stuff i would have integrated, stuffs that are independant of Envato) ?

Thanks your for feedbacks


PS: so many great works on Themeforest !

That sounds like ‘on demand’ which is not allowed but yes you are right - either way each site would require it’s own license