Can i use Envato template I purchased to create another site of my own

I purchased a envanto themeforest template .I have used it to realise a ecommervce portal .My question is "am i allowed to use the template i purchased to create another / any number of sites/portals?

You can use it for ONE website / project per purchase/license AND not one you plan to sell here or on another stock marketplace


I couldnot understand the response the one after AND.I could get that i can create one site per template i purchased , if i want to create another ( same template or diff) , i must purchase the template again.Right?

Each website you want to create requires a new license/purchase of the item.

What you cannot do is create a website using another item from themeforest, to then sell on envato or any other stock marketplace

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So if i want to create another site based on template i purchased for first site , i need to purchase it again and so on.This i am asking as i liked one template and want to create more sites using it and want to keep those sites with me and not sell them later.

Exactly - you will need to a new license for each site you create

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With one theme you can build only one website.
So if you want to make 10 websites, you need to buy the same theme for 10 times.