Buying a theme in order to use it in a project for customer


Good morning everybody.
Maybe my question isn’t first - but according to this post: (Locked) Templates Reseller I’m really confused about the truth.

Lets say I’m a webdeveloper and I make a website for my customer - this includes preparing template, creating content and doing all necessary setup (domain, company’s server, SSL etc).

Let’s also say that I will be paid $100 at the end.

Am I able to buy a themeforest theme (with standard license) in order to use it in a project for my customer and take money at the end - for the whole job?

I’ve read about buying a template to sell it several times - but I know this is wrong. I mean only a single license for that particular customer.

The most important thing is I don’t mean typical reselling template - like I buy for $10 and sell for 100$. I mean using it as a part of project for customer while paying the creator every time I use a template (by buying it for single domain).

Are webdeveloper companies allowed to do things like this?


It’s fine although you would prob be better off having the client but the item so that they have access to updates and support in the future if you part ways

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Thank you for answer charlie.

Do you know how does it look in the case of envato elements? When I buy an unlimited plan, am I able to use stock content in projects that are prepared for customers as well?


You can - I believe it’s the same principal ha you need to download copies “for project” no “trial use” and one copy per project

BUT there are restrictions about using items from elements outside of your subscription such as you need to be subscribed when completing any project using items from there