Themeforest template usage


I have product which allows multiple themes, users can create their themes from which the admin and customize according to their test and design expertise.

We have our bundled themes, which default themes.

There are several admin dashboards templates and landing pages that available on theme forest. Now lets say I see template A that I like, I want to purchase a regular license for that template, then customise it / restructure to match our own product.

Then advertise it as one of the available themes for integration into the project. This new theme would not be sold along side our product nor sold by us indepently

Here is how users would be able to use the new design

  1. User go to themeforest and purchase license from the original author,
  2. We verify that the user have purchased the license to use the template.
  3. We send the restructured/customized theme to the user.


  1. After purchasing the theme and customizing it, we will send it to the original theme author.
  2. The theme can then sale.
  3. We will advertise the theme as one of the available integrations.
  4. If the user likes the theme and wants to use it, he purchases it from the theme author.


  1. Do I need written permission from the theme author, considering that I won’t be selling his theme nor passing it as mine? As users would buy the template from them or ThemeForest anyway?

  2. Does the regular license cover this since I’m not redistributing this template?

  3. If my intentions are wrong, what is the best way to about something like this?

CC: @mgscoder @baileyherbert