Themeforest unlimited download license!

Regarding unlimited downloads of themeforest, how does the license work? Can I use one template to develop multiple products for customers?

I am a freelancer from China, my English is not good, and I don’t understand the official license terms, so please help me!

Hello @sliverRing

Themeforest doesn’t run on a subscription model so there is no such thing as unlimited downloads. You need to purchase each item individually.

Therefore, I’m assuming you’re referring to Envato Elements, which does give you access to more files for a monthly or yearly subscription. However, you CAN NOT get one item and use it for different end products. You need to register items each time you use them.

I hope I’ve answered your questions, feel free to ask for clarifications! :blush:

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Hello, thank you for your reply, your answer is very useful to me.
Therefore, if I buy a product at and use it to develop a template that can be sold multiple times, what license do I need to buy?
Can an extended license meet my needs?

Also, do you mean that unlimited downloads are not applicable to themeforest?

No - 1 purchase = one website / client. Each client will require an individual purchase

If you subscribe to elements (NOT themeforest but does have some of the same web templates and themes) then you can download a new copy per client.

However remember that downloads from elements do not come with the same support, updates etc as full purchases from themeforest

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No. You need a separate licence for each end product you want to create.

No, only Envato Elements can provide that, but you still need to register a new licence for each customer.

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Thank you for your reply, you have saved me a lot of losses.
Do you mean that even if I purchase an expansion license, I cannot sell the product to users after secondary development?
My user here does not mean a single user, such as a WordPress template, it will face many users!
The product I am talking about here refers to a single product, for example, I only developed a WordPress template!

Finally, thank you again!

In other words, even if I purchased an expansion license, 1 product = multiple customers, is it not allowed?

I’m a bit confused but let me try and answer your question. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

Let’s take some scenarios:

  1. You get a WP theme from Theme Forest → You delevop a website → your website goes live and many people can access it for free. In this case a regular licence is suitable for you.

  2. You get a WP theme from Theme Forest → You delevop a website → your website goes live and people need to pay to access your website. In this case you need an Extended Licence

What you can not do:

You CAN NOT purchase one theme and develop multiple websites with that theme. You need a separate license for each website you develop.

Hello, what I bought is not a completed WordPress theme, but a part of a WordPress theme, and I will use it to develop into a WordPress theme, and then sell this theme to multiple customers!

That is to develop a semi-finished product into a finished product, and then sell it to multiple customers

In a simple word each purchased license will be valid for a single end product (as like website). So, for each website you have to purchase individual license.

themeforest don’t have multiple website (multiple end product) license. for your each customer you will use the purchased theme you have to purchase individual license.

but according to envato license term for each finished product (end product) you will need to purchase individual license. each license will be valid for a single end product (finished product).


Okay thank you!
Thank you very much for your reply, I think what I should do is to buy a separate license for each person who bought my product!