New in Envato, Purchase and other questions.

Hello All, i have some questions that i would like to resolve.

I have a hostin and a domain name, i want to buy a wordpress template …
This one.

Costs like 70 dollars, now my questions are about the license, if i purchase regular license it means that i download and install the template and do the necessary changes to add my information, but i cannot use that template to another domain name am i wrong?

Now if i purchase that template, and i decided to use it on and next year i decided to buy another domain and cancel can i use it on

If i purchase that template do i have to make any other payment, monthly maybe or yearly ?

Thank you in advance

Hi @llopezcr1 and welcome!

From what I understand, you would need a separate license for a new domain. However, I believe there is an option to contact the author of the theme and have them cancel your license so you can activate it on the new domain. I would contact Envato Support just to be sure of what your options are.

Purchases from ThemeForest are a one-time payment, so no subscription. Though it looks like for this theme you can choose if you want extended 12-month support instead of the standard 6 months for an extra cost, but that’s completely optional.

Thank You.