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Two days ago I bought a wordpress theme (regular license) on themeforest. I downloaded my files and installed them on my website. Now I am planning to set up a different website with the same theme.

Do I need to repurchase the theme for my new website? (I asked the seller and he answered yes. However, the seller is not very knowledgeable about licensing.)

I’m confused. While installing, no license key was requested and no documents were sent. I don’t think I will get an error when I install the theme files on another website. When I want to buy the theme again, they don’t ask for my domain name either.

So how is licensing done?

Yes you need a separate license.

1 license/purchase = 1 websites/domain Licenses | ThemeForest

How it is managed depends on the theme but many authors limit access to certain plugins or features until to registered - again, depends on the author and theme


Thank you very much for your answer.
Who generates the license key? Is it Envato?
There is no license request in the theme. There is no license key on the download page. There is only one license certificate and I do not have a site address in it. Nothing prompted while installing.

So when I buy the theme for the 2nd time, where do I get the license and where do I enter it?

right, it is envato.

Envato purchase code is the key of License. So for getting the license key Customer should to collect the purchase code:

If your purchased theme asked for the purchase code to validate purchase then you have to enter the purchase code. Also the purchase you will need when you will ask support from the theme author and also will need when you would like to get an auto update features for your purchased theme.



Thank you for your answer. :+1:
Good work.

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