Making license active for X Theme

Hello: I’m new here. I just bought X Theme for my new blog. My purchase was made from Theme Forest. I know the theme was made by Themco. I paid for a year of Theme Tech support. And I paid someone to install the theme on my WordPress account. Now I need to validate the license so I can use the theme and get updates. Can anyone here help me understand how to get my license

I have created a Theme Forest account. But it will not allow me to create a Themeco account. It says I need a validated code for the license to do that. Where do I get this code form? Even tried to validate the CPanel of WordPress and it will not do it. Been trying for hours. Even watched a YouTube video and did what they said to do. And still it does not work. Can anybody here help me?

Each purchase through ThemeForest comes with a “purchase code” that authors typically use to verify your purchase and manage your license. If this is what they’re asking for, you can download your purchase code similar to how you downloaded your theme. See this Help article for instructions and a video guide: