How to works buying period?


I would like to buy theme in themeforest.

My question would be, is this a one-time cost or should I pay every month?

This is Regular License.

Thank you for answers.

One time payment is enough for regular license with 6 month support(If Author Offer Support).

Thank you for fast answers.

My further question is, does a license have to be written somewhere in the file or is it handled by envato?

Yes you will getting invoice with purchase details and license key/code
How you will get your license key get details idea here

envato purchase code (license key) is unique and maintained/generated by envato. You will be able to use the code only for one end product for each purchase. after your purchased theme installed and activate theme may ask you to register the theme license to get access of the theme demo import and theme bundle plugins. So, you have to register the theme license using your purchase code in your website wp-admin theme options/theme settings.

It’s clear but this simple HTML and CSS template not WP theme.

Thank you for answers :slight_smile: