Hello guys. Just a question: can i buy a theme? I don’t have clear the payment question: for example 12€/m. What is means? Thanks

If you are buying 1 item from the main marketplaces like Themeforest then the price will depend on the item.

If you want to subscribe to Envato Elements and download unlimited items (bear in mind that you do not get the same support and updates as buying the items individually), then 12€/m is an equivalent prices if you sign up for a year. Subscribing month by month is closer to 33€/m.

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Ok. And after one year? …is it possible that i loose also my theme if i don’t renew my subscription?
Please explain me better…thanks!!

You need to be subscribed when you finish any project using items from envato elements. After that you can continue to use the finished project even when you are unsubscribed.

Very good. What landing page or onepage website do you suggest? I don’t understand the differences between paying 12€/months and pay (for example) 59€ one time.

Option 1:
To pay 12€/month you have to pay for a year at once which is more like 170€. Then you have 12 months access to unlimited downloads.

Option 2:
33€ for ONE month access to unlimited downloads

Option 3:
You buy individual (no unlimited downloads) items at whatever their cost is BUT you get lifetime access to updated copies and 6 months support which you do not get with option 1 or 2.

There are literally thousands so no one is going to be able to make a clear suggestion

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Ok. …i’m thinking what more i would buy after the theme. I think that I wouldn’t need anything else, so maybe is better to buy at themeforest and stop…mm

Sorry but i cannot find for one payment and stop (33€). Where is that option?

That is approx cost and for 1 month on

If you only need the theme then go to and chose an item - the cost will depend on the item - there is no fixed price

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