Envato Monthly Subscription Issue

Even after I get a monthly subscription from Envato, I want payment if I want to buy something from Theme Forest. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …
Now what can i do?

The subscription is for items on www.elements.envato.com NOT the main marketplaces.

Some items are on both and some are exclusive to one or the other, and there are different terms around support and updates between the two.

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Does that mean I can’t buy anything from Theme Forest with this subscription?

Not from Themeforest, but you can buy themes/templates that exist on both Themeforest and Envato Elements - you just have to search and see if the ones you want are there

It’s worth noting that you do not get the same 6 months support and lifetime updates when downloading from Envato Elements as you do if you purchase full copies from Themeforest