The track backing the video templates

Is there any way to find the music behind the AE/PP templates?

I’m specifically looking for this song but can’t find any reference on it although i love the way the video matched the audio:

Thank you very much,

Music authors have been complaining for years about this ridiculous and unjust situation where music is not credited on Elements.

Neither Envato nor video template authors have done anything to rectify this, and this is a real shame!

If you, as a buyer, complain to Envato support, maybe they’ll eventually do something abou it.

Hi Ryan
This is the music

So you take the time to help another author overcome their shortcomings, but you don’t take the time to do the right thing for your own Elements items?

Crediting the music is MANDATORY!!!

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I took the time to help a customer, unlike you that you took the time to whine as usual but you offered nothing to the client or you fellow composer. Please contact Envato and keep the forum clean of negativity.

Right, with a Community Support Level 4, all I do around here is whine.

Whether I’m actually being negative here is irrelevant and doesn’t change the fact the crediting the music you’ve used for your template is mandatory as per Envato’s terms. Currently, you’re in breach of those terms. That’s all there is to it.

Thank you very much! That was really helpful! All the best