The Time Of My Life



Hello everybody,

after about one year of stock music (yes, this is my second account) I finally managed to find one video with my music!

Thanks a lot to that Customer who filled the form with the actual company details, enabling me to find where my track was used.

Just wanted to share my happiness. :smiley:

Thanks Envato!


Awesome! Consider subscribing to AdRev, you might find plenty of videos with your music! :wink:


Thats great :slight_smile: :tada:


Thank you both!

And @pietrogirardi, i use AdRev on the other account of mine…it reports illegal use of my tracks. It doesn’t tell me about AJ Customers, as far as i understand. Did i miss something? :smiley:



It’s cool! Why a second account?




thanks for asking.

One account is exclusive, the other one is non-exclusive! :sunglasses:



Great news :wink:


Obviously… Thanks and good luck!!!



Cool, nice to hear this!


Thank you all! :smiley:


True, and that’s the main purpose of it… but more than often I find some legit used music tracked by AdRev - maybe it was monetized for a few days before the customer cleared copyright notices.


0K, thanks. That nevere happened to me but I’ll keep checking from time to time.

All the best :wink:


I opened account Adrev. The songs I’ve uploaded. My account was inactive then I don’t know why they did. Could you tell me if you have a method. My songs know what goes where I would like to AJ.