Review of Adrev

Hi everyone,

So i have been member on Adrev 9 months and i have earned only 2.04$.
The thing is, that lots of people have used my music without license, i counted over 1.5M views and Adrev haven’t paid me anything, only 2.04$. Adrev didn’t claim those videos at all, even if i tried to do it manually.
Today i wrote them to take all my music down, cause i don’t want their service anymore.
You can write here your experience with Adrev.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sorry to hear it, but it works for me well.

It’s good if it works for you.
Long time ago i heard people also complaining that they don’t receive money from Adrev, but there where lots of videos which their music was used.

Have a great weekend!

If it licensed correctly, you won’t get any income from it.

How do you know it? Watermark?

I see if i have any sales on precise track on AJ, but i didn’t have any, so how he could he used it without Adrev claiming it? I have manually claimed also. Some of my track are not on sale AJ but still added to Adrev.

Have you asked AdRev support about it? If you give them a link to the unclaimed video they will claim it for you, or tell you why they won’t.

I have been member on adrev 10 months and I have not earned anything. I also want to leave adrev, @FutureChart can you tell me how to remove my songs from adrev?


Yes i have, they said that they have claimed the videos, but still i haven’t earned anything.
Videos which i claimed are gained are got about 1.5M all together and they payment 2.04$.

I just sent them message. Asked them to delete all my tracks from Adrev, that should do.

Do the videos appear in your AdRev dashboard? How many views are recorded there? $2.04 for 1.5M views is way too low indeed.

The videos must have gotten the views AFTER you registered the tracks with AdRev. Is that the case? If the videos had 1.5 million views before doesn’t matter because your ads weren’t rolling then.

Thanks man.

Those videos didn’t appear, but i claimed them many times.

Tracks were on Adrev before video uploads.

Don’t mention it. Have a great weekend

Also i contacted te Adrev and they told that they have claimed it.

Yeah, it’s a bit strange. I also have waited for 8 months before videos appeared in my list on AdRev. And during this period I also wrote to them and asked why nothing appears in my account. I only got the standard answers from their support. But finally in October their system found my videos and it started to count views. And I have earned now $13. So I think may be it’s worth waiting a bit longer then 3 month (like it’s written on AdRev site) while their system can really find your videos.

Thanks for the answer. Good information.

I’ve been with Adrev for 12 months and have earned 0.29$. I guess my music’s not worth stealing…

Probably Adrev didn’t claim the videos, like they love to do it or just secretly claimed it and earning for themself.

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