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Hey guys,
I am thinking about uploading my songs on Adrev, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it. What is your monthly income on Adrev? I would really appreciate your replies :slight_smile:

Hello @fifty_tons Don’t think about monthly income on Adrev. It is small. You need it to protect your music from unlicensed use and that’s it. :slight_smile:

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Hi AliveSound,
From what I understand, you’re not really protecting your music. You’re just making some money from unauthorized copies :slight_smile: Am I mistaking? I mean, the videos infringing your music will remain on youtube, no?

Yes, right :slight_smile: Video just stop monetize on Youtube, appear advertising banner in video and you get some money :slight_smile:

Is very little what you earn but you protect yourself from people that uploads your music as if it was theirs. So when a client receives a notification from Adrev and asks you to clean their channel you wont be able because the other person registered first. Check out the forums, there is a lot of feedback and stories by other authors.


Hi MeGustaMusic,
Yes, I agree. However, there are a lot more such services besides AdRev. The only solution is joining all such services, just to avoid the unpleasant surprise that someone else registered my songs before me.

This may seem like the logic thing to do for someone with lots of sales, but for authors who have ZERO traffic on AJ (like me) I wonder if it’s worth it. I mean, nobody can find my songs on AJ, I would be really surprised if AdRev found any of my tracks on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

Just sayin…

Anyway, thanks for the replies guys, after reading this and other similar posts as well, I think I made up my mind :slight_smile:

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Monthly income could range from $0.10 to $10,000 (or more). If you happen to get lucky and have a track in a video that gets millions of views that’s thousands of dollars for you…

The track that generates the most money for me right now on AdRev has very few sales. Another track that earned me $1,000+ last year from AdRev has earned me less than $100 in license sales during its entire lifetime. It is now dead on AdRev because those videos aren’t getting many views anymore…

My most popular tracks that are licensed with hundreds of sales make very little money on AdRev. There is no correlation. Basically just luck. You never know.

You only need to use one service that registers with YouTube’s ContentID. You can’t also use the others since one is enough to get your tracks into YouTube’s system.

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Furthermore, I can tell you that corporate tracks generally don’t generate that much AdRev income even if they have lots of sales. This is because they are often used by small businesses in videos that are only showed internally or on very small YouTube channels with maybe 500 views…

My electronic music doesn’t have that many sales but the videos that use it often have lots of views.

You can’t really know how your tunes are doing before you get first Content ID report. As Flumen said, the youtube popularity is totally different kind of beast than stock music licence sales. You might have 200 videos but still get almost nothing for some tune and have only 1-2 videos for another tune and get 1000$ for it. It all depends on so many factors.

I don’t want to mention exact sums, but for me it has been very good decision I don’t regret.

My april is 1074 vids = 114$, which is 114 vids and 5$ more than march. Its about 40% of my June 2015, Ive had massive drop after that one :slight_smile:

I do not have anything else there at all (((

I got between 600-650 dollars 3rd time in a row. They pay you once every 3 months. Peace


Thank you so much for the replies guys, much appreciated and very helpful :slight_smile: I might try AdRev after all, still thinking about it :slight_smile:

Maybe one thing worth noting is that AdRev does also act as an (assisting) tool to remove videos, not just to monetize them. Once you become aware that a video is illegally using your music (thanks to their tracking and reporting), you will be able to get it removed if you choose rather than monetizing it. Its only a few simple steps to get it taken down completely. So there is a real threat for uploaders on that side too as their channels can be banned - even ones with tens of thousands of subscribers.

On the other hand, if it’s a known brand that is using your track illegally, download their video, document everything, and you now have a legal case against them worth much more than what AdRev would bring in. At the simple threat of a lawsuit they would be likely to settle with you for a lot more than the cost of licensing on AJ :slight_smile:

They would be in violation of your copyright and liabalbe for certain damages.

I won’t say how much I earn from AdRev, but just to give you an example, I have one song alone that has had over 5 million illegal plays in 6 months, so it’s not just all pennies over there.


Great info, Tim! Will look into it, cause i have been thinking about starting my own Youtube channel for my royalty free music.

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You’d be suprised, I have a track that sold zero times, but it is all over youtube roblox videos. :smiley:

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Thanks Tim!)))