Income from Adrev?

I wonder how much money you avarage make through Adrev/month?
I understand that you don’t want to be specific, but maybe you can tell if you make more or less dollar than:
As you understand I’m thinking of joining Adrev but I’m not really sure/convinced yet.
Kind regards

Hi there -

I currently bring in around 20 - 30 per month which does not seem a lot but for me it is peace of mind that my music generates something from the watermarked audio previews both available on Audio Jungle and Soundcloud.

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Hi Stephan!

For me, it’s more than 500, but of course it’s impossible to say what videos have used your music before you register. It usually comes down to a small percentage earning 95-99% of your income. Therefore I would always advise you to register ALL tracks, if any at all, because even a track with 0 sales can end up in some viral video that in turn could be re-uploaded 100s of times earning you thousands of dollars.

Most of the 2,500 videos currently in my AdRev list make $0-2 per month. Around 10 make much more than that.

Hi everyone. Same question, and I hope somebody can add answers.
My problem is: being a non-exclusive author, I share my music with some marketplace.
One of them has problems with AdRev.
Unfortunately is a non traditional library: it usually makes one download per month…but well paid :slight_smile: 50 per month which is not bad ,adding to other marketplaces income. (i’m not a millionare, by the way :slight_smile: )
They ask me to remove all my portfolio from AdRev…they give me some day.
I guess I’ll try AdRev just to understand what kind of income has for me, but my other question is:
income on AdRev is usually constant? It may be a little bit constant compared to sales on royalty-free sites like AJ, Pond 5, etc. ?
Any advices is more than welcome.
I would like to see many answers as possible.

absolutely ZERO for me =))))

Eheheheh Thank you SoundBay!
After discovering it, you decided to remove all your staff from AdRev or you’ll try to keep it to see in it will make you income in the future?
Also, my sales decreased here…I I fear it is because of the fact that I brought all my portfolio with adrev, and that buyers have no desire to read more regulations.
Did you experienced the same thing ?

Just a heads up, you can’t remove your stuff from AdRev just like that - it has to be there a year last I checked (unless they changed their terms).

In my experience it DOES NOT affect sales at all.

Regarding the constant income. It has been fairly constant, but it all depends on the size of your portfolio. Popular YouTube videos aren’t usually popular forever - they have a few months of peak time and then something else takes over. Just like pretty much anywhere else.

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Hey, @Porrazzo !
Actually, I don’t know how to remove my stuff from AdRev. I think that once the track got into the content ID system it will never back again =))))
If to be serious - there is no function to delete your tracks from AdRev.

About income - who knows. May be in future it will works
Also, I think, it don’t have any influence on sales if your tracks registered with AdRev.

yeh! I also think so.

I’m afraid that when uploading a track to AdRev you are entering into a contract with them that it will be registered with them for a minimum of one year, so you can’t get it deleted until that year is up.

This is stated in their contract (which you agree to when uploading) but is not at all obvious unless you read everything…

I registered one track with them without realising this, had second thoughts but then discovered I couldn’t take it off their system!

Sorry - just realised I’ve repeated something that has already been said.

Oh my…
thanks everybody for sharing.
Yes, I didn’t read it carefully…and I upload ALL MY PORTFOLIO THERE…
One year…
Anyway I’m not so repented. I wanted to try that service, but to be honest this is too much.
Fine, let’s work to improve my “non-adreved-portfolio” …:smile:
I just hope it’s worth it

I don’t use AdRev fyi.

You have to give it time.

I find it’s more about how long you’ve had music circulating the web than actual sales. I see your first item was uploaded on AJ one year ago. Did you have music available on the internet before then?

If not, chances are not enough of your music has had the chance to spread through YouTube for any significant income. But if you’ve had music circulating the web for 3-4 years chances are MUCH greater that someone has ripped it and used it without a license.

Do you recommend also uploading (to AdRev) the preview mp3 with the AJ watermark?

I spoke with a rep from AdRev earlier this year and he stated: It works out to be about $1 for every 1,000 YouTube views.

That’s not necessary.

Yes, this might be the overall average, but for some videos it can be double that, and for some half of that.

The average of my first page is $0,95 per 1,000 views so pretty close. I think that in general the $1 per 1,000 is before AdRev’s cut.

It will depend on a number of factors:

• Is your track the only registered track in the video? If not, you’ll have to share.

• Visual content can also be registered and if that was ripped as well you will have to share.

• More popular videos will get more expensive ads (non-skippable pre-rolls) resulting in a much better average.

• What country is the video popular in, and what tags are used to determine what ads are put on it?

Cheaper countries will have cheaper ads and more popular keywords triggering the ads will result in more expensive ads.

Before AJ, I was exclusive with another company for one year. So some of my music is on the internet since two years circa. You think is not enough?
Anyway, I’m discovering that this business, music on internet, really needs time and constancy, of course.
Patience is the hardest part :slight_smile:

Impossible to say of course, but chances are higher. You’ll have to wait for the results. :grinning:

Also, it takes time to scan through YouTube, so the second month might be better than the first.