Finding your music online without annoying customers

Hi guys and girls,

I’ve had a few big companies / recognised names buy some of my tracks lately and I’d love to know where they ended up online.

Do any of the authors here have an easy way to find where their music has been used. (on YouTube or Vimeo or others)

I know I could register my music with Adrev but as far as I understand it, that would then require whitelisting for all my authors - or is there a way to register all your music with Adrev and simply have them tell you where things are while keeping all your music whitelisted for everyone?

Any tricks of the trade I haven’t heard about? Cheers!


There is no magic trick unfortunately. You can play detective, try to find the right YT or Vimeo channels (Facebook is also an underestimated outlet for our music), check Twitter announcements where the video could be advertised. And most of all you have to be patient. It can sometimes take months before the video is published/found.

I must have found around 30% of my sales this way (the 30% figure is a guesstimate at best).

AdRev does pick up some of those as well, but from my experience most hits there are illegitimate uses, usually not from AJ buyers.

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If the buyers are from company usually I screenshot the info and wait few weeks before I search their Youtube Channel. But surely that’s just matter of luck, because not all of them upload their videos to their Youtube Channel. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey guys, I have another question regarding the subject. If you do find the video project where your music was used, do you use it in the item description without contacting the buyer or do you contact them and ask them if you can put the link to their video in the description?

Yeah that sounds like the patient wait and see option. Thanks @FASSounds. I have found a few that way. :slight_smile:

If the video is for public viewing on YouTube, I can’t see why you couldnt use it. If it’s available to everybody surely you can link back to it.

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Hey @PurpleFogSound, great tip on Facebook. I’ll check there as well. I’m wondering if going down the AdRev path is worth it or not.

To me, not using AdRev is insane (I’m a strong AdRev advocate though, and I appreciate not everybody does share my opinion). Between those who are sure royalty-free means free (and who will insult you for false advertising: “you f****** liar! This is not royalty-free, it’s a $19 song! People, stay away from this music it’s not really royalty-free, the author is trying to scam you!” - a mix of several comments I got on my YT channel), and those who provide tutorials on how to remove the AJ watermarks, AdRev is currently the only way to protect our assets.

However, as I said in my previous post, in most cases, AdRev will not help you find your legitimate buyers, as they usually are able to clear the claim right away.

LOL got that comments too sometimes. Usually those were small Youtubers that still started their own channel. :stuck_out_tongue:

You do not need to contact the buyer. Usually for buyers it’s nice, if you make a link in the description of your track. After that you can give him a link that his work is listed in your description. It will be pleasant for him, and maybe in the future you will cooperate with him. I have several cases of these already.


Good tip @EliansProductions