The sound still hear AudioJungle

Hello Envato Team,

I would like to ask about the sound when I downloaded the sound it have the sound audio juggle even though I tried with the Trail 7day account. So it means all sounds have Audio juggle sound even if I purchase the account

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When you buy an item, the zip to download have not the watermark.

I do not comprehend your message.
Find it difficult to comprehend…

If you are talking about 7 day trail with Elements you have to download the music on the Elements site, you don’t have free access to music on Audiojuggle.

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Hyperprod, your comment made me laugh out loud.

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Oh nice, they let us try for 7 trials I thought when we buy the account maybe we cannot get the original sound. thank guy

So if i buy the Envato account when I download the sound it will no have sound Audio Juggle, right?

Why do you laugh, They let us try the 7 trial. So it means the same as the purchase account. it is the sample. So if we buy the account then download the file sound has Audio Juggle So it means the same. We wonder why we ask haha.

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Some say laughter is the best medicine. All the previews have the watermark (audio juggle), once you buy the license to the specific track you want, you will have access to the non watermarked music in a zip file. If you are talking about Elements, I don’t know how that works. Best of luck!


Thank guy for your reply. So When I purchase the account for 1 year, I also have to pay for the truck I want. Or When I purchase the account 1 year, I can download the track without watermarking Audio Juggle.

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It still not clear if you’re downloading the music from AudioJungle or Elements? It’s not possible to buy a subscription for music on AudioJungle, only Elements. On Elements you should be able to download without the watermark during your 7 days trial.


Hi @tasamoum5555. It sounds like you’re looking at music tracks from (subscription service), and not purchasing individual licences from

On either site, the preview tracks you can listen to on the website will have a watermark (that’s the “AudioJungle” voice you can hear).

The purchased tracks should not have a watermark on them.

If you have an Elements subscription, you can download the track via the item page here:

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 2.42.45 pm

You’ll be prompted to add the file to a project (or create a new one), which will create a license for that track. After that, you can download the un-watermarked audio files.

If you’re purchasing the track from AudioJungle, you’ll see something like this instead:

After purchasing you’ll access the files via


So do you means after I purchase the element then I should purchase the Audio Jungle too?

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If you already have a paid Elements subscription, you can license and download the audio tracks directly from Elements. The files you download will not have the “AudioJungle” watermark on them.

AudioJungle gives you a few different options: for example, if you need a license for Film & Television Broadcast usage (not covered by the standard Elements license), you can purchase this via AudioJungle.

AudioJungle also has a larger number of tracks available, so if you don’t find what you want on Elements you may want to browse the AudioJungle library.


No, you can either buy a subscription through Elements or buy single licenses in AudioJungle. Only a small part of the music in AudioJungle is available in Elements.


For example I download the video countdown. When I downloaded the sound in the video in excluded from the folder. So How can I find that sound effect that has in the video?

Example this video. How can we get the sound in this video?

@BenLeong can you help @tasamoum5555 ? How could they find the audio used in this video template?

Here is the audio;