AUDIOJUNGLE VOICE => my first and last subscription

I’m sorry but that AUDIOJUNGLE voice that plays every time I listen to music is EXTREMELY ANNOYING and after 15 minutes I am already FED UP with it. NO WAY I am staying subscribed.

I need to find lots and lots of music for my youtube channel and this AUDIOJUNGLE AFFIRMATION IS RUINING IT. Just to let you know!! I’m heading to Storyblocks and others (when I find.)


Actually, on a even more serious note, I would like to get a refund ?

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Hey man, I understand and agree with you, but if there was no audio watermark then people would steal the music. Almost everywhere there is this scheme. It would be nice when you subscribe to have the watermark removed but that is quite difficult to do, all authors would have to re-render all preview files without it. Its a way to protect the music and sound effects. If there was no watermark then the quality would be totally low, so its a dilemma, also on other companies you have watermark + low quality. Here you have high quality at least. I would try to ignore it, and trust me you will learn how to ignore it in notime.

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Your answer is so nice :slight_smile:
I was frustrated because I see these small inefficiencies everywhere.
It seems that storyblock does not have this watermark so I’m heading there and in the meantime until my subscription runs out within a month I’ll quickly listen for 3 sec and if I have a suspcision taht I will like it I just press download and listen from there on.

But there is NO excuse for this. Envato already has the files without the watermark sound, they give it to you when you download it ! It’s not difficult to do at all even if they did not have it already but they have it anyway. A smart team loads up all music in its original form and then has a small code for adding watermark when someone is not subscribed. That’s SUPER EASY.

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This thing is also a lesson for AJ Authors, to not use watermark in a bad way, rather make it glue with the song.

I totally agree. The most stressful part of my job is undoubtedly the time to look for suitable music and sound effects and listen to AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE AUDIOJUNGLE at a volume many times louder than the music. I pay the annual plan to use the platform and I need to be tortured to work?! I think this is complete nonsense. Audiio, Artlist and even Storyblocks don’t torture their customers. I would love for Envato to learn from them.