Audiojungle watermark


I’m wondering if the watermark, with which I mean the computer voice that repeats the word ‘audiojungle’ in every music file will disappear after buying the product. I found some great files in here but I don’t want to use them if that word gets repeated in every section of the audiotracks.

If it doesn’t get removed automatically after buying. Is there a way that I can pay more money to get it removed out the track.

Thanks in advance,

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When you buy a track, you download a ZIP with the track without watermark. Dont worry about it.

If you buy a licence you can then download the file(s) without the watermark.

Okay thanks for the answer guys. I got all the info I need.
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I always thought it’s a sexy female voice with passion. If it sounds like a computer voice to other people, then I really need a vacation. :smirk: