Violation ?

Hi guys. The fact that he had gone on youtube and found one video where the beginning is clearly audible water mark audiojungle. I just don `t know exactly where to write in such a case . Here is a link to the video . the first seconds of video
sorry if I chose the wrong topic

Haha! You can totally hear the watermark. That’s an interesting question though, we do technically let people download the watermarked music for free, I’d love to know if this is illegal or not.

Watermarked version may be downloaded to test. But of course they would need a license to publish their video.

The logo sound with AudioJungle voice. Beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

You can find these watermarked logos everyday on tons of YouTube videos. There’s no point to making them because they’re being stolen right and left and there’s zero accountability. In fact, here’s one right here:

That account has that watermarked logo on multiple videos since it’s the “channel logo”. I’m pretty sure they also don’t have permission to post the movie trailers either, and they’re monetizing some of them.

Envato should work out something with YouTube’s Content ID people that can detect the watermark, then shut down the video and generate a copyright strike if the video uploader is not an Audiojungle member promoting their work on their own YouTube channel.