plz help me

recently i have uploaded my song on your web site. but i’ve found one problem: compare to others my track doesn’t contain a narrative voice “Audio jungle”.
could you please inform me regarding this case?

Zuka Tatishvili

Hello, you will have to download the audiojungle watermark and place it on your preview file, if thats what youre asking for:

yes thank u

you welcome

now if i’ll make update this will change yea? or i have to upload it again and wait 24 days ?

I think you can’t update submitted items, but I’m not sure, that would be great if we could edit our submission while being in queue. I can see two options: 1. Do nothing and wait for your music to be reviewed and if it will be accepted, hopefully you will be asked to apply watermark or, 2. Delete your subbmission, make new preview file and upload it again. But maybe someone more experienced could give you better advice.

i’ve updated

I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile: