Audiojungle voice

I am a customer of envato elements (16€/month). Well.
But when I download some video with sound, audiojungle voice is still here on soundtrack.
Is it normal ? Do I have to pay something more than 16€/month ?
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Hi @francoisgremy and welcome to the forums! Yes, it is normal. The music track or sound effects used in the video need to be downloaded separately. If you want, share the link of the video you need and we’ll try to find the audio assets for you.

@BenLeong, @KingDog, maybe it is about time to include proper links to the audio assets in all Elements videos descriptions, ain’t it? :slight_smile:


Hi @WormwoodMusic
Thank you for the answer.
I search for example this sound from this video without jungle voice.


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Voici le morceau utilisé dans cette template:

A big thank you to @Creattive for crediting the music on Elements, you are one of the very few to do so, much appreciated!


Definitely right there with you :wink: The conversation will definitely be had.


@KingDog the post by francois proves it. I do everything I can to give credit in my elements items, yet buyers are unable to find it because it is not a clickable link.

Sorry, but quite frankly envato’s rule here is stupid. It is okay to forbid links to any extern websites, but to your own marketplace? C’mon. You are losing out on sales here as well.

It gets even more hilarious if the sound is actually available on Elements and could be offered right away with the template for the customer. But again, you do not allow any links, so well, bad luck.

I try to give the best credit that is allowed by envatos artificial rules, in my readme file there is a direct link to the sound as well.
To my fellow authors over at the jungle: I’m sorry for any loss of sales because of envatos decision here. I’m trying the best I am allowed to give you your fair exposure.


Thank you @PurpleFog for the link.
I agree with you @Creattive it would be easier to autorize links.
Congratulations to all for your creativity and sharing !

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Why the future tense? We’ve been yelling about this issue for over two years now… This conversation should have been had a long time ago. Come on!

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Sorry I didn’t mean to imply that it hasn’t been had already, we just need to talk about the priority etc.

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Sorry for the negativity, but my perception over the last few years is that Envato is actively trying to discourage customers from doing business with authors who have spent years as exclusive sellers here - who have chosen Envato over other marketplaces and been loyal to this organization.

And the reward for that often feels like a firm, hard kick in the face.

Apologies again for the negativity, but there have been years of concerns voiced that are more often than not met with silence or lip service that leads to no meaningful pro-author action.


Yep, it should have been made a long time ago. We have been reporting this many times.