Why can't I download sound effects?

First off, I hate to whine and moan, but I’m going to whine and moan. It is absolutely absurd to pay for a service (Envato elements) and have absolutely no support to contact. 7 days until response? Is this 1890? Really frustrating in this day and age.

My question is why can I not download sound effects when I paid for all the elements?

Thank you.

Hi @daveallred1,

Does it say you have an active subscription at the following link? https://account.elements.envato.com/subscription

If it does, you should have no trouble downloading any of the sound effects shown here: https://elements.envato.com/sound-effects

If you’re trying to download sound effects from the AudioJungle website, that is unfortunately not possible. The Elements subscription only allows you to download from the Elements website via the link above, though both websites share many of the same sound effects.

Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, I am paid up through December. When I click on that link you provide it takes me to the same sound effects page I was on, and it still says audio jungle in the background. I am logged into my account, so not sure why it won’t work for me.

Thanks for the info. It is normal to hear the “AudioJungle” watermark in the background of audio on Envato Elements.

Can you clarify exactly why you’re unable to download any sound effects? For example, is the download button missing, are you getting any errors, or are any buttons seemingly not working when you click them?