The Sales Monitor


Ohhh, again. Why authors in whose portfolio there is no one Videohive item, sow panic among Videohive authors? :lying_face: :man_facepalming:


Easy man. With all respect, I guess people here can express and share their own situation freely. I have comments about my items from themeforest authors and that´s no reason to underestimate them just because we are on videohive.


I’m calm. With all respect. This has already been discussed in this topic recently.
It’s good, but a lil confusing, as these posts don’t start from “on the ThemeForest…” text. And I’m not sure that these all conveniently to see in 1 thread.
It’s just my opinion…:wink:


That´s ok. It´s your opinion and others too. I don´t agree but I respect what you can freely say here.
Just my opinion too :+1:



Even within VideoHive, if someone simply says about sales without pointing the category of focus (Stock Video? Motion Graphics? AE? etc) it gives the impression of…


Many Videohive authors post here not saying if they are Stock, Motion or AE. Should they make that clear? :thinking: Maybe just watching author´s profile you can know about his/her category. But I think that doesn´t mean “I have no idea what i´m doing”, that´s a little extreme I guess. Anyway, it´s an endless discussion and every opinion should be respected I think.


@romlam When you are the OP and When you can stop people from posting in a public forum as off topic, your opinion has relevance. Until then, you’re just going to have to settle with your opinion, which is frankly neither relevant nor funny.

And nobody cares. That’s just my opinion. How about that?

Codecanyon here. This month is simply fantastic in terms of sales. But then again, tracing back in history, this has always been a great month.

Please keep posting your stats regardless of what marketplace you live in, it’s of great interest to me as I find we are all connected! :slight_smile:


Totally agree, specially the “we are all connected” part, very true. Just my opinion :+1::wink:


I don’t mind. I just think that if the statistics are from another market segment, then it would be better to indicate this, so as not to be confused VH users. But I still think this is not a good idea. I do not understand why there is no thread for the sales monitor on the ThemeForest, or on whole market. Again: It’s just my opinion.
Let’s stop discussion of this theme here, so as not to litter the thread :wink: :fist_right::fist_left:




It’s like the end of the world is coming soon :sweat_smile:


The sales were being quite stable the last 10 days, but since Friday there was a stop, without sales 4 days …:call_me_hand:t3:


Up until Friday everything was fine for me too. Since Friday things took a small bump. Lower than usual the fist part of the month, normal for this part of the month.



Middle of October and still not USA sales. 4th Month in a row with huge drop from the states.


in my statistics for this month I have only USA and Canada ))


A Day without sale…
Also does not look promising at all.


Good month. But I uploaded more items than usual.

PS: Finally, after 8 months my nickname was changed on forum :crazy_face:


October is promising, But still i say it is near to my average sales, From March to September i had a decline of 30 to 40%



It’s a ski jumping!