15 sales the first half of October and after that not one.
Has anyone else noticed changes in that sense?


Hmmm not really. I mean, October is the best month I’ve had so far (since June when I started). Sales are fairly consistent throughout the month.


Sales still normal for us
Better than last month :slight_smile:


I’m happy for you guys!
For me they were also consistent, but only the first half … :frowning:
I suppose I should again see the glass half full! :wink:
Thank you


It will pick up, heads up :wink:


They are stuck for me…!!


for you this is also normal, as by progressively uploading more , your sales will increase normally in time too lol when we begin, we do not have much to sell, then nobody knows us, then , all starts developing indeed lol


Thanks for a bit of wisdom :slight_smile: I will then keep on working hard as I’ve been so far.


that’s the right thing to do indeed, that’s how u are gong to convince more and more people into buying :wink:


for me the second part is slightly slower than the first one but i assume that the number of uploads and the subject of them are influencing sales too …