October 2015 Sales!



Hey Guys!

How is sales going on? I’ve started with 3 sales. Wish you all will have so many sales in October! :wink:



1 so far… this week is slowww.


just 1 sale in this time :smile:


really not good week and nthign to boast of … 4 sales in this week , including a Facebook cover , in other words , i am not going to feel like i win the lottery with 10 buckets in the pocket lol


Work hard for weeks and weeks to release my first WordPress theme here on TF.

Got booted out of the homepage within hours, and only made 1 sale out of this prime-time exposure.

Happy days! :confused:


Not a good since last week. I’ve release new items but the sales isn’t picking up.


Woke to find 1 sale this morning.


The goalposts have moved big time in the past 12 months. I’m just speaking as a Themeforest author. Envato have been good to me for many years, and whatever they’ve been doing in the past 12 months i’m sure is for the greater good.

But to stand a chance on TF now you need to be pumping out these multi-purpose themes on a monthly basis to survive (you may drop lucky with the odd niche theme). I’m sorry but I’m not demeaning myself, or my trade with this kind of work. “But that’s what the buyer wants”. Yes because we made it that way!! Thank you very much (all the themes in the top row of the bestsellers list). Well done for the monstrosities you have fed into the WordPress theme eco-system.

Rant over. Have a great day!!!


No sales this month so far, but last month was great and sold my second ever extended licence :smiley:


last week was 3 sales, and 0 sales this month so far


Nothing for now, maybe these days .


Four sales so far, not a bad start.


just… 0 sales :slight_smile:


It started kind of low, but I woke up today to my first ever extended license sale, so I think this will be a good month!

Good luck everyone!


3 sales, not bad…


5 sales!



6 sales in October, 4 today! Seems like this will be great month :smile:


8 Sales today, a good start.


2 Sales :frowning:


3 sales so far, with new item released on 1 October.

I see that the sales isn’t good enough since past 2 months for most average authors.