November 2015 Sales

December 2015 Sales —> December 2015 Sales

Hello Authors,

Wish you all have so many sales in November.


GLWS :smiley:
My theme got 1 sale this morning :wink:

Good luck everyone! October was a great month. Let’s hope November is even better! :slight_smile:


Good Luck everyone! :smile:

that’s right that was a good month,i just hope it keeps on like this indeed and that november is a good :wink:

It’s always quite depressing the first day of the month, when whatever dollar amount you had on the last day of the month resets to a big fat $0.00

But wait, a $2.12 sale, all is not lost!


I hope that this month will be better incomes :slight_smile:


October was by far my best month. Let’s hope the good sales continue :smile:

1 sale so far :slight_smile:

I can’t complain as a first start. Hopefully this month will be a prosperous one. :smile:

0 sales in 3 days… October is our worst month ever… I hope November is not the same last month :slight_smile:

happy for you bro, u are a rocket! i just hope my sals will be like yours one day, i am not sure that dream can come true indeed lol

normally u closer u get from christmas and the more likely u are going to sell well … but it also depends on what u create and how often u upload new items :wink:

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Too true. It’s always a little shock when you see your balance suddenly jump to 0 :slight_smile:

I’m the first this month, it may not be the last;) :wink:

Did you feel this month, sale amount up very slow. I have 16 sales

Anybody else getting terrible sales in this first week of November?

Yes. Also it has a strange progress like 0-0-1-6-0-0-0 sales in a row. I started to worry about a technical issue/bug.

only 4 sales here… :slight_smile:

I am a new one and hope to sell a little bit more than in October…) Wish everybody good sales and good luck…!)