Very poor sales in the last 6 days

Hi all,

If someone is like me these days?
It’s the first time from february 2015 when my sales on the last 6 days are none, it’s incredible for me, I cannot belive this.

Many Thanks!

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Same no sale :disappointed:

In the last time there are many new users and a lot of new items, also it’s difficult for buyers to find us! But, we must work intensively further! Good Luck with sales! :wink:


I think January is generally a very quite month of all businesses, as its just after Christmas and the New Year.

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hi, u are definitely right , the growing numbers of everything push us to always work more and try to take yourselves to the next level so that we are not flooded , i personally recommend trying to upload very often , i know that in a way this looks crazy a way to fight wight his kind of issue, however , from what i could witness this is the way to maintain honest sales …

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i personally believe that january is maybe not so good but it also depends on years and i tend to believe that in most cases, feburay is worst normally lol

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as for i could witness it looks like that sales are pretty fair for a month of january but , if u ask me, this past week end was really not good about sales , now we know that , at times, some weekends are pretty dead and normally this is true for most of the guys when so …

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Looks about average for us, maybe a slight increase.

Looking at other themes though, I see it’s fairly consistent from my quick peek from last few weeks :slight_smile:

indeed for me this is getting slower now that i am the featured author of the week lol in shirt things are much unpredictable no matter what