January 2016 Sales

Happy New Year to all the authors!!

Wish all of us kick-off this year with more sales.

Enjoy 2016! Good luck everyone!


hi, good start 0 sale today lol, on the other end, that’s only january 1st lol

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Not bad, Good start!

same here :-p my last sale is 18 days ago

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thank you for mocking me buddy lol

at least we are supporting each other lol

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Happy zero here! :wink:

okay, every week you buy a song from me, and i buy one of your works :smile:

Oh my god 27 sales! A good start, I hope it goes like this.
Note: I was joking haha :slightly_smiling:

Wish you all a great year, friends.

Happy new year to everyone!
2 sales so far, but not expecting anything more until monday.

Sales are at all time low for me

Slow start to the new year, but things are beginning to pick up. Good luck everyone and have a great new year!

Absolutely nothing… better keep my day job! :joy:

Nothing for a while then 4 sales today!

Sales are also very bad for me at the start of this month! I have a feeling many people lowered their prices since Envato changed the pricing policy so I just did the same to stay competitive…let’s see how that works out :slightly_smiling:

I hope other author shouldn’t follow that trend.
And GLWS @everyone

one pack so far ! thats ok ! nothin from US !

Happy New Year Envato, I Love You!!!

2 sales so far! :wink:

Great Start! :slight_smile: