2500 Sales...



Yay! Looking forward to 5,000 now :grinning:


Congratulations! to our awesome Moderator and author


Congrats to you, sir!


Wow! Awesome number!! :grinning: excited! Congratulations!


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!


Good luck :thumbsup:Congrats :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! :balloon::sparkles::tada:


Congrats :wink:


Hooooray! Congratulations! :smile:


really huge to say the least, congrats :slight_smile: GL buddy for what is next 5k is much of a milestone too i hope u can reach it soon :slight_smile:


Good news! Congratulations, @SpaceStockFootage! ))


Great !!!
Good luck with SALES :wink:

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Congrats! :blush:


Congratulations! Keep it up!)


Congratulations! :smile:


Maybe this is not the right place but, Can I ask you guys about income of a theme? How much u gonna get when sale 1 lic of $60 theme?
I sale once in Codecanyon with $16 and just arround $3 each item. Damn!


Congrats. Wishing you many more sales.


Check this, it covers everything to do with fees and taxes.

As an exclusive author (unless you’re on author driven pricing), the minimum you should be getting for a sale is $4.16, and that’s with the maximum of 30% tax withheld. As a US author, it sounds like you might not have completed a W9 form, so you should check out this info here as well…


Gracias everyone!