I got US sales and deducted $7.09 from my single sale!

This is really too bad for authors deducting such hard earned money from authors for US govt.

Why the envato doing such thing, are you really going to give benefits for authors or yourself, time will tell us…

Item price was $59, I got $34.21 after deducting all US tax, envato fees.

they probably had some reasons to move, i am personally not dreaming and don’t think that’s so much of a decision made for authors to Iive so much better … it was said that it would help develop the marketplace or take it to the next level again … i am personally wandering how this is possible, as , let’s face it, USA is by far the biggest market already, 70 percent of buyers or something like this are from USA , which basically means that this is harder to have much of a boom than in some places where there’s all to do … one thing is for sure, when u add, fees, plus tax , plus tax … in the end, it gets always more complicated for authors …we all have to make a really way bigger volume to feel ny positive effect in my view …

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yes i forgot to mention, judging by your figures, i guess that u are an exclusive author, so try to imagine what it would be if u were not lol

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yes, its horrible for no exclusive authors.

Yes, We are.

Item price was $84, I got $23,52 after deducting all US tax, envato fees.

Our 2nd months in envato market !

that’s even worst because of this buddy … the more u stay, the more u sell and the more the fees are decreasing slightly and let u get a bit more money, in your case u have all the worst situations and i know that’s hard for you, so just keep fighting, i cross fingers for u :wink:

Thank you !

30% our income from US buyer. And it increase day by day =))

Not sure if I should cry or laugh.

Btw: I’ve reach 100 sales+ fews day ago.
Hope I can unlock lvl 5 Paw in this month.

@everyone: GLWS!

Level 5 in two months… pretty impressive!

are you a non exclusive author?

well most of guys have at least two thirds of their sales from usa, now, that the new thing has started on the other hand, it has decreased for me, oddly enough when we consider that the goal was to promote and develop by settling there

Our first item get approved in Nov, 25, 2015.
The 2nd one was 2 weeks later.

are you guys selling your templates elsewhere?

And for the new authors. Imagine if you’ll be starting at 50% again less 10%-30% USA tax.

We haven’t enough time to set up our homepage so we haven’t sell anywhere else!

ok thn untill you get your homepage ready, You can keep your profile exclusive and once you have your homepage ready, thn switch it back to non exclusive

Its just a click mate and you are losing money without any reason

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It would take atleast 2 months to build my own homepage. Because I need to update/support our customer.
What’s happened if I switch to non exclusive , how much I get when I sell 1 item if I change to non exclusive author.

Sorry, I’ve just realized I’m currenly Exclusive Author already =)) (I’m so stupid).

But it’s true is “We got $23,52 after deducting all US tax, envato fees. our of $84 item”

But few hours ago. Envato change from 28% tax to 10%" for our country

Each sales from US Buyer we get $36,96 (instead of $43,68).

And yesterday, we break my our record for highest Item Sales Earnings ( for a day).


I haven’t made a US sale yet this month, I completed a W8 form and live in Canada. I have no idea if I will be taxed on US sales yet. Can any other Canadians shed some light for me?