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I’m glad to greet you, it’s true, the behavior is the usual in this month, although we continue with the fall … Best wishes for the remainder of the month!! :airplane::surfing_man:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


Poor sales but still better than previous month.


Poor sales. Its coming down again :frowning:


This year is the worst year in my experience on Videohive. Even when i upload new files the sales are not picking up. Also Elements are not compensate for the poor sales, my Elements earnings are very low too…


Same here! 3 days without sales…:snail:


I read your opinion with interest. In general, I think the same but let me add a couple of details.
— Subscribe sheme is not unique. Elements (8.9M visitors sep.18) has competitors: shutterstock (79M), istockphoto (21M), depositphotos (21M), stock.adobe (16M) etc. It is a weak position, but they are dumping. Did they “think in long term”? May be. Where they will found more cool authors to keep items actual?
— Visitors in elements are growing up but in videohive (and others) are falling. I thought pay more attention to my portfolio here, but the time has gone (in my opinion).
— It is an envato business, but it is a two gates game. If envato change traffic of old sites to promote elements and placeit (i.e. exchange old community to profit), some authors can dicide that there is no reason to invest time in the development of their projects here. Who then will remain? Quality (sales) will fall even faster.
— They turned the sites themselves in the trash when approved the tons of similar items where customers are drowning.

P.S. Sorry for my english.


No. Elements and main Envato market is rather unique. Elements has a big contributor bonus. That’s why authors will keep their items actual.
Main Envato market has 3 beautiful things. Active and big community. All people like to share their thoughts. Also all sales are visible for everyone. Newcomers can easily calculate how much authors earn on this market. This two things bring more and more people to this place.The third thing is Author Driven Prices. You can set any price you want, compensate marketing company, for example, or dumping the price.

Stop thinking that Envato earn money on you. This thought don’t generate any useful ideas how to grow your earnings. Market became too fat, and can’t generate you extra earnings just because you are here. You need to think not only about creating new items but also about your strategy. With Author Driven Prices, with marketing, with new Premiere Pro category, with Elements (that is not require exclusivity), and many other tiny things, you can build rather flexible strategy.
All what you need to do is stop thinking that Envato didn’t give you ice cream this month. Think how you can get this ice cream yourself.

Sorry for offtopic, guys.


I wish, but I can’t. When we do one job together then we earn together — Envato earns on us, we earn on Envato. That’s OK. But when Envato starts doing things that allow Envato keeps earn on you, but at the same time they prevent you earn on Envato, then you can’t stop thinking about it.

You are doing a new project and yes you have the option to set your price. Also, as you said, you can and should think about the marketing company - order advertising, place links in social networks to attract more potential buyers to your project. But at this moment when you’re all done and a potential buyer put your product to the cart, Envato shows him the ad banner on unlimited downloads of high-quality goods on Elements. Is that okay? Is that fair? This happens directly in the cart when a person should not be distracted to anything to finish a purchase. In other words, on this banner, Envato could write - “It’s your final step. Are you sure about the purchase? Maybe you should go to another market, it’s cheaper here!”. For me as an author it is absurd, it is nonsense, it should not be at all.

Envato once said that the Element is designed to attract new types of customers, but then why are they trying to show the advertising in the shopping cart of Videohive , the cart of a client who has already put the goods there? He is not a “new type” of customers, he is a customer of this market if decided to buy this product here. This is another confirmation that Envato is not just trying to find new types of customers, but also trying to lure customers from the regular market.

Absolutely agree. But now authors should think better how to do so that these actions should not be related to Envato markets.


Envato always introduce Author Driven Prices before Elements. Those steps are saying: “You will get freedom on main market, and we will focus on Elements”. It’s not a secret that Envato is more interested on Elements, that’s why we have so many ads.

Anyway, I’m not talking about fairness. I talk about your thoughts. It’s not productive at all to think each month how Envato is not fair. Productive would be to make a decision, do it, and forget about those noisy thoughts.
For example, you decide that Envato is not fair with you. Will you work with them or not after that? If yes, then accept the reality that now you work with dishonest people. Done. Now focus on how you can grow your earnings.
If you still think about Envato and their honesty, then remember that it’s you who done the decision, and in any time you can change it. Believe in Envato and rethink your opinion or leave this place, there are dozen different solutions.
Once again thinking about one thing all the time and not doing anything is not productive.

UPD: About banner in the cart. My honest, but not popular and may be even cruel, opinion is:
If author produce the same black oil as others, and his item is a copy of other 1000 similar items, then maybe he deserve to lose a sale. He loses, but customer wins. Why should I be on the side of the author? If I’m that author, then I should think about not creating copies. It will makes me only stronger.




The worst month since june 2012.
Something is wrong here and we must act now or market will fall.


But how are your Elements sales?


Pretty good. But I don’t like that Australian tax is so big, 30% for me.


Over the past two to three years basically all changes made at envato have been in the interest for envato. The only change I can think of that would benefit the author would be changing the marketplace names(i.e. videohive is now video). The majority of them have been to increase envato’s bottom line even if it means burning everything down. It has been really sad to see as a long time author, especially when they use to be so committed to community.


are you on Elements @butlerm?


Most of your items is on Elements now, i think this is the reason of such a big drop sales in october…


This are exactly my thoughts as well. Authors will lose interest in the marketplace, clients are already pissed because of the quality overall.

Personally I belive on oong therm it will be a disaster for us authors probably a great deal for envato.

Time will tell


What can we do nobody seam to care and we are stuck here.


Lol. Every time I start big conversation on Sales Monitor, I get several extra sales going one after another. :grinning:
Let’s talk about anything else, for example how bad AE CC 2019 is. It’s so buggy. It’s even lose some backward comparability. Noise effect is missing in CC 2018 if you create this noise in AE CC 2019. :crazy_face:
Seemed summer is over for me.


Sales on Elements are Not compensating well to cover Videohive loss. Btw Envato Elements is separated sister company, with different pricing model and sharing pool between their contributors.


unbelievable sales drop