The Sales Monitor 2

Horrible sales over this year, it seems nothing is working.


7 usd for 4 days

Agree. Total, total disaster. Total disaster. Only Elements move on. Elsewhere - dead. Total disaster!

I did a new project and the rate of entry to my profile increased by 500%.

But those who come in are just looking at me and leaving.

Am I really too bad to buy?

Or do they just want to come and look, I really don’t understand.

Hello friends,
How are your sales? There is a really sharp stop, what could be the reason.

Simply, the market is saturated with items.

First half of the month is quite strong, it somewhere near the best month of the year (by average earnings per day)

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Nope. Light years away! Little better in last days, a few new sales. In general - pure disaster!

last week strong, this week weak

first 20 days of december have always been a bit better for me, but the end of the year then has the worst sales so december evens out to end up around or below average.

I know what to expect from december or the christmas time so I am not surprised.

@VF1 good looking graph!

Little better news, sales. Etc. Some new hope … :wink:

Nice start but now 7 days no sales

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Just got one extended license sale, just in time for my Christmas present :grin:



December might be my best month this year, I had no expectations for this month at all, great surprise lol.


My earnings from Motion Graphics items.

In the December more than 35% of earnings made from Christmas, New year items. Last year I missed such a gain although invested much time making seasonal items that time.

  • March earnings gave panic and thought I will get no earnings in couple of months. Started to plan about make a farm sell vegetables :smiley:
  • April, May earnings didn’t go down even at the time of global lockdown, which gave me confidence to sit back with AE and C4D. Understating that there is a financial crisis happening to everyone made me really peaceful :smiley:
  • June, Elements accepted my portfolio. Started breathing again.

2020 ended in higher note, Though it was 20+% lesser than 2019, Happy that November and December given the boost for coming year


Meanwhile, my 2020 sales got infected with covid as well, hopefully, it will only get “worse” :smiley:

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I’m not sure… Is it covid or bitcoin graph? :thinking:


December of 2020 was really good not as I was expecting, mentally, I was prepared for worse as always at the end of each year. :sweat_smile:

Good luck everyone and I wish you all a happy earning with 2021 :smile:


chart-growth Thank you Envato. Every year I get ~130% growth (even due to pandemics). This motivates me to create more.