The Sales Monitor 2

chart-growth Thank you Envato. Every year I get ~130% growth (even due to pandemics). This motivates me to create more.


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Start of January is very bad despite even adding new items. Does anyone experience the same pain? :frowning:
Btw, usually January is a good month for me.

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Be happy, at least you have your new items approved.

I’m experiencing more pain with bad sales, And continuous AE templates rejections since last November to now :sleepy: :sleepy: :cold_sweat:


January has been above average until the last two days for me :sweat_smile:


January started nicely but suddenly sales have completely stopped this week.


Why it always happens like this. Just bragged about success and then almost none sales.

Need time :sleeping:

Tiri riry riry riryyyy baatmaaaaan!

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Cause life’s a rollercoaster :rofl:

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Very slow. Only 168$ on VideoHive :frowning:

Yeah, for me either. Dryness in the winter…

for me last 2 month better on Elements

this year so 20 days slow

Can you please explain how joining Elements made your VideoHive income higher?

Are these graphs showing both Elements and VideoHive earnings together?