The refund issue

I bought a software php file. There was a problem in the software. I contacted customer service. They said the money will be returned. 10 days money was not returned.Is there no one to help?

Who did you contact? the author or envato?

Did you pay in credits from here or direct payment? Refunds are usually returned the same way as was used to buy the file so may be worth checking your account credit balance.

If it was envato that told you that it would be refunded then usually this happens pretty instantly so you should go back to them if it has not happened

I talked with M. Lee. He said to me a refund will be made. I wanted to pay back the credit card. Then Frank threw B. messages, said the problem will be solved. My account, my money was not refunded.

I am assuming that 'M.Lee and Frank are both envato staff?

It really depends on how you paid. If you paid straight via PayPal i.e. with the $2 surcharge then it should have been done. If you added ‘credits’ to the account then this is how the refund is likely to be issued (look next to your username top right of the marketplace and you can see if this has been returned).

Is it there?

I bought the product looks in my account. Refunds were not.

If your card was not refunded and the credits were not returned to your acocunt (the amount next to your username) then reply to the support ticket you opened with envato

I replied to the email address. I said please return to the original payment method. I want to return to my credit card.

did you pay directly without making a deposit which included the $2 surcharge?

If not it is likely to only be returned as credits (to prevent less scrupulous users exploiting the system).

How do I get a refund on my PayPal account.

It will happen automatically is you paid directly (i.e. item price plus $2 to use this method).

If you bought marketplace credits e.g. deposited $20 then that is how you will be refunded i.e. credits will be returned and not back to PayPal.
" If we decide to issue a refund or credit, this will generally be done using the same manner used to make the purchase"

I pay $ 40 for the product. Is it from PayPal will be refunded.

Next to your username on the marketplace - what does your balance say? Is it $0 or has it had the $40 returned to it?

I add balance to $ 40. I bought the product for $ 35. My balance is currently $ 5 seems.

Right - so the credits should be returned to you ($35) so your balance should read $40. If you’ve replied already to the messages then they should come back to you soon.

I answered. 1 week was not returned. How many days will it take?

Hi, my paypal account in the reject, on the 18th of july 2016 I do a refund on my paypal account. But until now the money has not appeared on my Envato account. What should I do? Do I have to report to Envato I already have a refund on paypal? sorry if my english is not good. Thanks a lot.