Envato Not Refunding the user money #scam

I bought a plugin from envato and dude to some issue i ordered a refund and the author accepted the refund request but now it’s been 10 days and still the money is not refund i tried replying back to the email but i haven’t i heard back.

I don’t understand what is their issue with the user money.

Have you received the email with the refund confirmation made by the seller?

If so, as I know, if the seller accept a refund then this will not be the last step. Envato still needs to accept the refund too.

Its a bit nasty, I know. If you want you can contact envato support by submitting a ticket https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


yeah i got the mail

If you got the mail then I suggest to submit a ticket to envato for clarifications.

I got a mail for the author as well as the envato support.

Yeah i did send a moment ago.

Just be patient. It may take few days

Did you buy it directly, or did you add funds to your account and then buy it with your Envato credit?

I’m just thinking… maybe you’re looking for the refund on your card or in your PayPal account, when is actually been added to your Envato balance? I could be wrong, but I’ve never heard of a refund taking so long, so just thinking out loud with a potential possibility.

@ki-themes It’s been 10 days and there are other people with same issue and for them it’s been over some months

@SpaceStockFootage I paid directly using my card no addition of funds.Thanks for your concern but this is not the case, there are other issue in the forum regarding Envato where refund has not been made even after months

I have received the money for the refund I have asked approx 3 weeks later
In your case, they will ask the author first, bla, bla… will take more time.

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Well that’s the thing, they say they have made the refund which is a lie

Check this out

Refund process is not that easy as you thought. It seems Envato refunded the amount but if you use PayPal, it’s their turn to deal with the case. After then, probably your bank will be involved so process takes a while. Why don’t you chill out and wait for the money? Envato makes thousands of dollars per day and I’m pretty sure they don’t need your 59$

Just be patient

Well I have no paypal involved in this,it’s a direct payment through my card.Regarding you question “Why don’t you chill out?” Yeah they may be making 1000 dollars per day, i am not and for me that money means a lot,as i can use that money in other plugins and i don’t think there are channel where they re route the money for 10 days or more.When they receive the money in 1 day, it doesn’t make sense to get the customer to get a 1 month waiting period.I hope that answers to your question.

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Refund is more complicated then you thought, as I said. Not for Envato, for every company. At this point, there’s nothing you can do and you can purchase any other items anyway. No point to wait to receive the refund first. If you could’ve told the support that you could use the amount to purchase something else, as a Envato credit, the process would take less time

well it’s been 1 month 18 days from the refund date.Let’s hope i get it before the year starts @ki-themes

Contact the support again

No one from Envato is even bothered. Envato truly does not refund money and I am sure the authors know this so they just simply say " refund approved, contact Envato for the refund" Am sure this is because they know for certain Envato wont refund us back our money. right now I cant request for refund again from the refunds page because the item is not listed there.
All this is the reason why Many Authors feel comfortable in selling crap to us!!!

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It means that the author has already applied for a request and the refund process has started. Check your page if the refund has been returned to your account. If you have purchased the item via PayPal, check there. If it was a bank account/Credit card, may take a while but approx. after two weeks, if you still don’t see the amount, contact Envato and/or bank. The authors have no control here for the refund process except to offer/reject the request

Actually, the problem is with refunding money back to credit card, they say
they refunded back to the credit card and contact the bank which they
didn’t for sure. I learned my lesson so I ask them to refund the money to
the Envato wallet.

Your money always stays at Envato, I learned it the hard way.