The payment card that the purchase belongs to

I am a freelancer. I asked them to create an Envato account on behalf of the company and purchase the theme. Do they need to use the company’s card to make the purchase? Would it be a problem if they use a different card?

They have to use the original envato account holder card not from a friend/relative.

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Most of the accounts from Turkiye is being blocked by the system automatically. Even if they create/purchase the theme on the new account, there’s a possibility that the account may be still blocked if you access it via Turkish IP.

Will making the purchase transaction via VPN solve the issue? Additionally, we have to making this purchase with a company card belonging to Turkey. In this regard, what is the best way to proceed?

According to terms, you’re not allowed to use VPN to access Envato Marketplace ( if it’s detected, you’d end up with your account blocked ) but it doesn’t matter if the card is registered in Turkiye.

My suggestion, don’t get involved with a new account / new access to the system and let the user who registered the account to make the purchase. If there’s a problem, at least, it won’t be yours.

If my account gets blocked after downloading the WordPress theme and I can no longer access my blocked account, what negative consequences can it have for the website I purchased on Envato?

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You may not even download the theme. If you could, you’re not able to use it without a valid license.

My friend downloaded the theme and later had their account blocked. The website is currently active, and there don’t seem to be any issues. However, a security certificate has not been obtained yet.

You’re running the website with an invalid license. If the account is blocked, your license code is not valid anymore.

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