The design was rejected, please give feedback on design and how we can improve on designs?

Typography not good

Alignment is inconsistent

Spacing and margins are inconsistent and unbalanced

Nothing especially premium about the design

hi, for me, one of the main problem is that this is choking despite u do not have so much design and not even so many elements indeed. A good example to illustrate all this is the positioning on the logo, there is no free space around so that the logo could be increased , breathe or whatever. In addition, even of this is just for displaying purposes, the fact of the matter is that having such a logo is not bringing your game to the next level. Let’s also face it, there is to do also with the global style of what u have done, if we sum up, once u have taken out the cityscape in the red zone, what do u have left? well, plain color shapes, flat texts and bullets, as well as a bunch of icons, full stop. The thing is that , judging by this, u do not offer any additional value and what u include in the main zip file is basically the sort of things that u could find for free download over the internet. The low commercial potential due to these issues make it difficult for a reviewer to accept the file while they identify that there is no real commercial potential in what u have at this stage. And for customers to buy they have to either identify that they can save some time out of buying or feel like that they are going to get something being beyond their own graphic capacities. In both cases, u miss the mark at this moment. U also have to figure out that this type of item definitely requires an absolute perfection in terms of arrangement of elements , as any corporate item. For corporate product u do not necessarily need to bring something overly creative to the table but all that u do should deal with basic design principles and so on as perfectly as it gets … As mentioned by Charlie and rightfully so , the spacing is really anywhere close to the expected standards right now as some blocks have diverging distance and some elements look a bit randomly positioned. Let’s also be clear , the typo has nothing really particular right now, this is plain. There is also no real space being anticipated for people to place a more developed text, too. Finally , I assume that u did not think about z lay out , if u follow the usual way eyes are sweeping across any document, u will realize the reading is not super efficient with your disposition.

thanks for replying, will work on it…

thanks for guidance, will work on the points, really thanks for replying, it will surely help me a lot