Why are my designs rejected - Any help or feedback would be appreciated

Hello Everyone!

My Social Media template was hard rejected.
Could anyone rate my design and tell me what is wrong with the quality of the design.

I will be glad to hear!

Design Preview

Your main issue is typography and readability. That body text red on red in basically invisible.
Also check the spacing and alignments.

hi, for me, this is mainly a matter of global style (even if I do agree with what @DesignSomething said), because , when u consider the thing, in the end, what do you have left in the main zip file once u have taken out all the pictures? not much if u ask me and I tend to consider that there is a real impact on what could be the feeling of a buyer or even beforehand what could be the feeling of some potential buyer indeed. The fact of the matter is that once pictures and logo are gone, u have some basic shapes, blocs of texts remaining and for me this is quite light graphic design wise. This may look disappoiting for a buyer and decreasing gamely the potential purchasing base in my view. In addition, this is not as if all was perfect and there would be nothing to say about the content still left. To be honest all the way, was designsomething told u is true , the typo apart from not having anything really special nor bad is not selling much too and most importantly again, some texts are not super visible or not popping out as much as they could expect to be so that this flattens the whole design and make it look less efficient than it could be. I would not go as far as saying that u are violating the contrast basic design principle as this would be quite of an overstatement but the bottom line is that the main body of texts is not super outstanding as not contrasting enough yet. I think that would be better to have more alignment in the header and between titles and logo and this makes little sense as regard to the reading direction