Please tell me why my Social Media Templates rejected? Thank you!


hi u have to think about complementary colors , theme colors according to activities and color shades , at the moment , what u have color combo that is not working so well, not to mention that u have some contrast and readability issues because of the colors that u have chosen indeed. Needless to say that texts must not only pop out for the most valuable ones but also must be read otherwise the document is sort of useless in a way … make sure that the most valuable information are in the colors that pop out the most and in the bigger sizes. u have too many bullets and too many pain colors shapes , u need to push the envelope graphic design wise to bring more work to the table so that your item also increases commercial potential in the process. At this stage what u have can be redone easily and i guess that people would redo rather than buy, if they liked it and thus that , even if it had been accepted , the potentiality of u making money with their work would more than reduced indeed (which is justifying a hard rejection also in a way …)