I don't understand why was hard rejected my design social media (youtube)

hello to all:

message reviewer:
Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to. Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items before resubmitting.

We appreciate your submission and look forward to seeing your future submissions.

please help meeeeee


What is this? A landing page? A banner?


Also me I have the same question

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Web Elements -> Social Media

This is a design for social youtube

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So at those dimensions, it’s a thumbnail design? If so the text is going to be illegible.

With respect:

  • the typography on the left (‘Lorum Ipsum’ is all sorts of wrong with line height and margins)

  • the hierarchy generally is all over the place

  • the image thumbnail is dwarfed by the text surrounding it which feels wrong

  • the icons look pixelated and are not aligned

  • the Live CTA feels lost and out of place

  • don’t get the tagline part - is that meant to be the logo area? If so it’s too small


Thank you so much… I will to fix new design maybe approved for you say me, regards.

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this is exactly what i told Jeri … she did as if i did not understand anything about social networks and her goals … i think that if guys like us are wandering this is really a problem in the first place …

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hi, so here is a complete comment for this one as regard to what is not ok, Jeri …

1- identification
as u could see here , even people like Designsomething - who is a design teacher and a celebrated author - did not manage to understand what your product is all about , this is the very first major problem …

2- global style
this may be good to break with usual codes sometimes, but sometimes this is not so much to say the least … i explained to you already by email why this is no making it here. You should not offer something that people feel so very unfamiliar with in terms of organization and so on … not to mention that the global architecture of the item is messy and that items - as i mentioned previously to u - look spread everywhere rather than any other thing

3- lack of focus point
indeed, the architecture that you have here , this far, is confusing for the eye , the eyes get lost out of looking for the information … you have no really central main element and no real central text as well and due to the disposition, the thing is increasing the feeling of messy organization. As you should know , the eye is following a usual process to go through a document and there is nothing really important being placed properly according to this natural reading process …

4- contrast
it could be better about it , you are not violating the basic design principle , though …

5- readability
the choice of colors and most importantly the disposition of text and elements do not help to really comfortably read the most important text elements. If u have elements crossing the elements , the readability decreases.

6- hierarchy
as u may see right from the first glance, nothing is really popping out , apart maybe from “live” (which needs to be commented though) and the rest is a bit lost on the canvas. You have to keep in mind the purpose and the interest of the item and deduce what is primary information and what is not … u said that this is a social network item, ok, then, why like or subscribe is not given the proper attention?

7- alignment
i guess you can understand that introducing video here looks strange. I explained it already. But there is more important again … if the video and the block right next to it are not aligned in any way , the whole item looks messy and there is a very negative impact on the way the whole item looks

8- coherence
the point was evoked a bit earlier on - between style, reading process and much more - but there is also to mention that separating the central as u usually do makes no sense at all … why meeting not being the same color and almost invisible compared to covid19?

9- execution
the live banner is nothing but looking like a execution mistake indeed. Look the direction of the bullet is not going in the same direction as the text and both edges do not look like parallel , which is also making us wander if the text is properly aligned inside , visually it does not like so …

10 - “logo” misplacement
as i explained as regard to z-shape reading process, the logo is not positioned as it should be so that there is impact. IN case u do not want t give it the proper attention, then this is better not to put anything at all … it will be better for u as regard to how people feel about your item …

11- logo itself
quite frankly this is not with this type of logo that u will give your design a “boost” and make it better looking and more attractive to people. Instead of rushing to design tons of things, take your time, do things properly, invest time to create quality content and to make every detail look good as much as you possibly can. As @charlie4282 mentioned, rightfully so, the logo should be one of the central elements in the item, because of branding reasons and it should be given the right positioning, size, attention and impact

12- typo
this may look clean but this is also flat. You need to pay much attention about typo here as expectations are high, throwing some text in a clean but flat typo on the canvas is not enough so that u can reach standards here. What u have to keep in mind is that the typo is one of the ways to generate either hierarchy and also relief

13- icons
are they legitimate here? this is a social network design here , so u already reach the “target” page when u get there , right? anyways, icons are not really looking good, they are being put in the mix with other things are not so visible, not to mention that they do not look clear, too …


Wow, what a comment, love it

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thanks a lot :slight_smile: