Your Feedback needed for a rejected Social Media Template

Please provide your valuable feedback on the attached social media template. It has been rejected today. Your kind feedback will help me to improve the next template design!

Thank you very much for your time in advance.

Firstly one option in one colour and layout is never going to be enough

Text heavy images on social is bad practice

The typography is not great

Most of all it looks like it’s ripped off from free assets and similar to Premium Vector | Digital marketing social media post template or Premium PSD | Digital marketing social media post template


Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. It really helped. I will take care of these things when uploading the next template design.

Thanks again

Hello, my name is Afaq. I am a creative graphic designer with over 5 years of work experience. I always love to convert the ideas of my clients into amazing, professional, and unique designs.

You just fail to understand what PROFESSIONAL and UNIQUE means.

hi as for me I see a collection of various problems. Let’s get started.
1- global style
if u ask me there is not that much graphic design here. This is very light and I would recommend to push the envelop so that u can offer something more unique and having more additional value. If u consider what is left once the model has been taken out, I assume that a customer may feel disappointing after downloading the item and realizing what they have bought (a button , a couple of simpletons, plain color shapes and text)
2- alignment
this is a basic design principle and thus nothing to mess with. I assume that u had tried to bring ouse originality but u did out of violating a basic design rule , in other words, this is more counter productive than any other thing. I do not see what putting “agency” this way is supposed to bring to the table to be honest so that the impact is negative , nothing else.
3- z-lay out
if u understand how reading works and how eyes sweep across a document no matter what this is , then u understand why u have issues here … the fact of the matter is that some elements and especially important elements are placed outside of impact zones , starting with the logo … see next point …
4- branding
for branding matters people buying your item will expect their brand to be visible, remembered and everything and this is not out of placing a small logo in a low impact area that u will manage to do just this. Main impact zones are situated in top left corner, bottom right corner - where the reading starts and stops - and , otherwise in the center of the canvas (main impact zone), so that u can understand that logo and other things are misplaced
5- “call to action button”
u have made a “call to action button” out of “learn more” but this is in no way having the expected impact …this is not pushing to click or whatever, also as this is failing to draw the attention as if should be
6- icons
they are simple and the bottom line is that in such a context where there is not this much graphic design, people would definitely expect more than just flat / basic icons that they could get for free from the internet anyway …
7- commercial potential
this is more or less related to point 1 … the fact of the matter is that , as such , the item can be redone without having really great skills and spending too much time so that the interest of the item decreases gamely> for buyers to buy, it takes them to identify that they can either save some time out of buying or that they can get something going way beyond their personal skills in terms of design and this is not what happens here
8- breathing
the relative proximity of the logo and phone number from their respective edges is not bringing sufficient breathing to the table
9- coherence
in my view - though I know a lot of people do this - this makes very little sense in corporate items to have variations of colors (and sometimes of fonts) in the main title so that people may separate pieces of the concerned titles when this is indeed just one “block”

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Thank you very much for this comprehensive feedback. I found it so valuable and will definitely follow these points while designing the next template.

Thank you again

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this is better if u can start with this item, most of the people who say “next time” make a new item and make the very same mistakes and finally come back to ask why the item was rejected … but it depends on u :slight_smile:

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Sure, I will work on the same template and will post it here before submission for your kind feedback.

Thank you


I hope you are doing good. I have made the modifications, you suggested. I apologies that I could not work on the icons because I did not have ideas about what I can improve in them.

Please review the template and provide your valuable feedback. I will always be thankful and appreciate your time.

Kind regards,