My vector social media post template was rejected, please help me to understand what’s wrong..??

Last Friday I upload an Social Media Post Template, which was rejected. The reason is " it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward".
I think it’s not so bad, but I don’t understand what’s the problem, so I decided to ask more experienced artists what is wrong on it and how I can make it better.

Here is the Template. Thank you very much!

your main issues are typography, readability and hierarchy…

I saw your portfolio on Behance and I’m sorry to say but you are not ready yet for this marketplace. You have many basic graphic design issues. Also entitled yourself “professional graphic designer” is hilarious. You have allot to learn until you can call yourself professional.

Thanks for valuable feedback. If you have any suggestion or advice please tell me or what should I follow or how can know the most important basic rules of graphic design.

Search on youtube “The basic principles of graphic design”

Thank you so much.

hi, for me, it looks fair, indeed. I personally see no really major issues unlike what happens in almost all cases, apart maybe from the fact that the item ressembles very much those resources from a place where u download things for free. This is a real down point, because why buying or even accepting a an item here if basically there are those type of ressources available in the internet otherwise> let’s also face it, those problems of commercial potential that I am pointing at are not only restricted to this issue to be honest , the other part is that basically anyone with fair skills and app knowledge can redo the same item without making too much effort or having crazy skills or talent … look at the thing Fromm this perspective, u have the choice to buy a thing, the thing is not offering “extra skills” or “additional value” and does not really make u save some significant time, would u buy it? I guess that for the great majority of people the answer is no, and even more when they know they could get such item without having to pay … in addition , there are some small issues as far as hiearchy goes , like, when u write “creative agency” and that this is springing less and being less readable as “we are” I assume that u can identify that there is a problem as regard to what is stressed. I recommend u to mainly push the envelope graphic design wise and to put a bit more into it so that u can generate some interest from potential buy and create extra value

Really really thank you so much. If you have any suggestion for me please tell me. Which site is best for free resources.

? no I was indeed telling u to offer something more than some content that maybe found in such website … (like the one we all think about , I guess)

Oh, I understand.

I have some another design. I need to review those template. If you don’t mind, con you review my templates?

I am considering leaving the forums for good after many things happened , I need to mature my decision first before I really make it for good … anyway at this stage I am still here and u can post here , otherwise , no matter when, now or later, u are still free to contact me personally and I will try to help (whenever I can) as soon as I can …

Thank you so much

I have sent you a message, please check.

I have answered already