I uploaded my first designs but they all got rejected, any explanations?

Here are all of my rejected designs
I need to know what I need to avoid and what I must do to match the minimum qualification
if there’s any help, I’m open to it

You need to decide what you are trying to design - that amount of text on an asset on social media is bad practice and would be completely unreadable.

These currently look more like a flyer type design being squashed into a social post.


Agree with @charlie4282 Also the model cover the title too much. On the the green one I cannot understand what the title is. Overall you used the same typography and it doesn’t work very well. The model is not well integrated needs some colored lights based on the scene light.

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hi here are clues for u …
1- contrast
many elements are indeed lacking contrast and this gets u into trouble - as usual when people are messing with this contrast part - with hierarchy, readability and impact …
2- title
this is not super visible because of the model / central part prevailing a bit too much all the same … besides some of them are not big and valued enough , like what happens with the second Christmas flyer …
3- readability
when u put point 1 and 2 together u understand why most of the text are not pretty efficient , globally …
4- hierarchy
there are some very odd things … the second Christmas flyer is a good example to illustrate just this … look, u have the central title being less prominent than dj names , which makes no sense at all for a Christmas party indeed … let me also emphasize this … important information is what, when, where, who and here this is definitely not clear that u have decided to highlight these particular points
5- model and integration
actually most of the models look like being pasted in the middle rather than really composed if u wish and there is a negative impact on the composition and realism as well … introducing shadows and such things to make the model blend in the environment would be more than welcome if u ask me , this would bring your work to the next level, for sure
6- branding
all in the disposition , sizes, or even sometimes the lack of space dedicated to placing a logo is actually pinyin that the works that u are showing are not efficient enough at this stage when it comes to “building a brand” and valuing the place where things are meant to take place … the fact of the matter is that a buyer would like it as the goal is also - apart from promoting the event - to make people feel familiar with the plan , that they can remember and identify the place in the future
7- price bullets
they are meant to have a big impact and emphasize the thing that are written inside and right now this is definitely not what happens … u have to think of these bullets as what we call “call to action buttons” for the web … something meant to lead people to make a move so to speak