Please help me improve these flyers

Recently all of the items that I’ve submitted have been rejected. Not just rejected but HARD rejected, which is starting to make me feel really bad as a designer, and sometimes it just makes me want to quit. Of course, I won’t quit, but the thing that is stressing me is that I don’t get feedback for my designs, so I don’t know how to improve. Could you please help me?
I appreciate your honesty :v:

hi buddy, do not lose courage, it happens sometimes we all experienced rejections or a bad streak at a time, just work harder again and everything will be all right. For the red design, too bad this is good, but your item is really too plain and flat font wise to be accepted here , they have typo as a main issue here and u have to keep this in mind … if u provide somethign not that good this side, u can rest assured, in the great majority of cases and unless there’s an inconsistence happening at a time, u’ll get rejected for sure …

Hi @EliteVision, nice but,…the front Xmas tree is lacking something, probably background details?

And the red one, or white background has serious text issues, (not a good idea to mix classic text with another font, then randomize it all together).

The second one is a classic xmas design, so the text should follow similar rules to how a 5 star hotel would lay it out.

But you have a lot of good elements and understanding of color relationships, so you are sure to get something through in time.

Most here failed up to 10 times before getting one in, (me 8) so don’t give up!