I can't understand why, please help me understand(was rejected)

Please try to explain more clearly

You are ignoring feedback esp that from very experienced authors like @DesignSomething @flyerlicious and @ki-themes

There’s no point asking forums for feedback if you then entirely ignore it.

  1. You cannot submit stock assets with very basic and poorly executed text on top applied.

  2. Take away the things you didn’t design and cannot share and all that is left is a few bits of basic text that could be easily done in no time and without design experience.

  3. The test is also full of design errors including poor font choices, random mix of alignment and direction, and zero hierarchy.

  4. There is copy inserted in random placements which add no value e.g. DJ names in the first image.

  5. Look at an example by @flyerlicious Easter deluxe flyer - everything is designed and created from scratch. This is what you need to be aiming for.

You also need to be very careful about your submissions. The fact you can create as many as you have asked for feedback on in such a short space of time, highlights the problem, and too many rejections in too shorter time will lead to your account being banned.

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Of course, I will try to fix all this and understand that I need to work on myself. Thanks for your reply